Friday, February 15, 2013

Praise Reports!

  • Girls are sleeping through the night! God has given them great peace and joy during the last week, huge answer to prayer! Thank you
  • Kids are almost back to 100% the flu worked its way through the family. Pray for continued strength and healing.

For our Family:

  1. Wisdom for Homeschooling schedule. The mornings are actually quite busy here for me with classes and preparations. This has meant a lot more for Kimmie to juggle with all the kids school, and Cruz being only 17 months.  
  2. Justice; just started school in the Village nearby. Pray for friendships, health, and patience for him as he finds his own little niche here. 
  3. Wisdom and Strength for classes. Pray that I can communicate the Truths of God's word in way that leads these students into a deeper more passionate love of Jesus. Pray that I am sensitive to see, hear, and share, through the Power of His Spirit. My Gospel of John class is Tuesday's 9:00 AM (3 hours) / Epistles of John class is on Weds 1:30 PM (2 hours) 
  4. Pray for Kimmie as she has been patient and gracious with me and kids as we adjust and study. She has been able to keep the kids on schedule, fit in runs of 10 - 15 miles (in the snow I might add) Pray the Lord renews her strength and blesses her with enough for each day. Pray for discipleship opportunities with the students. People she can pour into and develop close relationships / friendships.
Staff / School 

Our Friends:

1. Pastor Kurt Kula & Family leave to Cambodia Weds; Feb 22'nd. Pray for traveling mercies for them, as they move there family of six to a new continent & ministry. The Kula family were pioneer missionaries in Poland for 19 years. They have served here at Bible College making disciples. Now they are launching to help as the work in Cambodia is exploding with radical conversions, and people are so open to the gospel. Kurt and family will help lay a biblical foundation to strengthen the believers, make disciples and plant churches. Pray for the move, the transition, the opposition, and just God's blessing as they walk in obedience to His call.
2. Our prayer this Semester is about being transformed. Pray that we all staff and students are being transformed by the renewing of our minds & hearts. We are going through the book of Daniel with the students on Thursday nights. Pray the Lord will help all of them purpose in their hearts to say "yes" to Him.

3. Please be praying for those the Lord would want to bring to our A Vision for Life program this summer. Six weeks of Discipleship with kids from around the globe. Pray the Lord draw and abundance of kids that we might reach a "large spiritual harvest."

Thank you all for your prayers, we are so encouraged by your intercession it impacts us greatly.

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