Friday, March 1, 2013

Made it to March

Praise Reports!

  • Classes are going well, the students have been very responsive.
  • Kimmie is building strong relationships with the students. She is able to disciple and encourage them. I am so blessed by watching the Lord use in powerful ways.

For our Family:

  • The kids have been fighting colds on and off. Please pray for strong immune systems, and protection from all the different viruses going around. 
  • Pray for our car situation. The car broke down last week, we just found out today it will be about $1,000 in repairs. This not only has a financial impact but it looks to keep me from going on a 10 day trip with the students to Israel as well. Please pray for provision and wisdom as we navigate this situation. 
  • Justice is turning 5 this month. Please pray that he will grow in the things of the Lord. He has a willing heart, but a very active personality. He has a strong will, but he truly is craving the attention of his siblings, family, and friends. Pray the Lord gives us insight into how to bless him and encourage him in these formative years.
Staff / School 

Our Friends:

1. Pastor Kurt Kula & Family left to Cambodia Weds; Feb 22'nd. Pray for the move, the transition, the opposition, and just God's blessing as they walk in obedience to His call.
2. Our prayer this Semester is about being transformed. Pray that we all staff and students are being transformed by the renewing of our minds & hearts. We are going through the book of Daniel with the students on Thursday nights. Pray the Lord will help all of them purpose in their hearts to say "yes" to Him.

3. Please be praying for those the Lord would want to bring to our A Vision for Life program this summer. Six weeks of Discipleship with kids from around the globe. Pray the Lord draw and abundance of kids that we might reach a "large spiritual harvest."

Thank you all for your prayers, we are so encouraged by your intercession it impacts us greatly.

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