Monday, August 31, 2015

Fall 2015 prayer requests

Praise Reports

  • Amazing summer with our 49 AVFL students! Many students began a deep, personal walk with Jesus. We watched the Lord use them in multiple countries to save souls! Some are coming back this semester. All were radically impacted this summer!
  • Great unity and strength for our summer conference team. Our team did an amazing job serving conferences and guests from around the globe. Pray for refreshing and strength for them after the hot and crazy summer. 
  • We were able to find a new "used" Van. We were able to trade in our old van towards the price for a nice reduction in cost. Pray that it serves our family well.
  • We found tickets back home for Christmas for under $700 this year! 

Family Prayer Requests

  • The Kiddos start back to school Tuesday, September 1. Pray for peace & protection as they continue in their local Hungarian public school. Pray for wisdom and grace for teachers and kiddos as the desire to learn the materiel and the language. Pray for them to have confidence in Christ in them to do above what they feel able. Pray for us as parents to trust Jesus to do more for them and us in our weakness. Pray for good friends, and daily growth in the language skills.  

Ministry Prayer Requests

  • Students arrive this week, and school begins September 7th
  • Pray for a powerful semester. That the students would set their eyes on Jesus. That they would lay aside every weight or hindrance and the sin that ensnares. That they would grasp the height, width and breadth of His love. That they would sense His life change changing Love for themselves. And they would see the world the way He does. 
  • Pray for the staff that we would continue to grow in unity and vision. That Jesus would be working both in us and through us. Pray for wisdom and that we would be lead by His Spirit in our Worship, teaching, discipleship, and fellowship. 
  • Pray that God would continue to send more students. That we might see more and more go out into the mission field before His return.