Monday, February 4, 2013

Classes start today!

Praise Reports!

  •  We were able to buy our car today! Big thank you to the Kula family who were patient with this process and allowing us to purchase the car from them. Everything went so smooth with all the official paperwork.
Please be praying for them as they make their transition to Cambodia in 2 weeks

  • We are fully unpacked, all our stuff arrived safely and whole. God was so gracious in getting us to Hungary without any issues at any of the airports etc. 
  • We are grateful for the friendships and families that have made our transition so smooth. Everyone has been so helpful, encouraging, making us feel right at home. 

For our Family:

  1. The hardest part has been for the girls. Each night has been getting a little easier, but the home-sickness is worst at bedtime. Missing family and friends is hard when your 8 & 6. Lot's of tears, but God is slowly building new bridges of faith, and revealing Himself to them. 
  2. Justice is feeling a bit under the weather. He just started school today. Pray for friendships, health, and patience for him as he finds his own little niche here. 
  3. Wisdom and Strength for classes. It's been a whirlwind since landing.  Pray that I can communicate the Truths of God's word in way that leads these students into a deeper more passionate love of Jesus. Pray that I am sensitive to see, hear, and share, through the Power of His Spirit. My Gospel of John class starts Tuesday 9:00 AM (3 hours) / Epistles of John class is on Weds 1:30 PM (2 hours) 
  4. Pray for Kimmie as she has been patient and gracious with me and kids as we adjust and study. She has been able to keep the kids on schedule, fit in runs of 10 - 15 miles (in the snow I might add) Pray the Lord renews her strength and blesses her with enough for each day. Pray for discipleship opportunities with the students. People she can pour into and develop close relationships / friendships.
Staff / School 

Our Friends:

1. Pastor Arpi leaves for a week trip to India for an evangelical crusade / outreach. Pray for strength & health, and that the Power of the Gospel would change lives.

2. Pastor Jeremy Foster leaves to Serbia this weekend for outreach. Equipping ministry leaders out in Serbia to study and teach the Word.

3. Pastor Kurt Kula leaves to Kiev, Ukraine to teach a youth conference. Pray for Him that these youth would respond to the messages and their hearts would open.

4. Our prayer this Semester is about being transformed. Pray that we all staff and students are being transformed by the renewing of our minds & hearts.

Thank you all for your prayers, we are so encouraged by your intercession it impacts us greatly.

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