Saturday, January 12, 2013

10 days till lift-off!

Praise Reports!

  1. Cruz got his cast off! He suffered a hairline fracture last month. X-rays showed good bone growth, he is back up and running!
  2. Looks like we have a buyer for our car here in the states! Just got it detailed and ready for sale. Pray for a smooth transition. A friend of friend wants to purchase it for his wife. He is dealing with some health issues, please pray for healing for him. 

Prayer Requests:

 Before we go:

  1. Good health... tis the seasons for colds etc. Pray that Cruz gets better quickly and the rest of our colds do not get worse before the flight. 
  2. Strength for our families through the roller coaster of emotions. Please pray for the Lords comfort on our families as they go through the process of sending, trusting, releasing us. 
  3. Blessings on the co-labors who have blessed us financially, emotionally, spiritually. Pray the Lord would multiply each seed of faith. That it would produce a harvest of souls for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. 
  4. Pray for a Blessing on the home of the families that hosted us. Pray the Lord would give them favor and abundance for their service unto Him! 3 John 1:5-6
  5. Please pray for favor with all our bags, traveling items etc. Pray that all our items arrive safely and without issue. Please pray the airlines would honor all our arrangements and a peaceful travel. 
  6. Pray that these last few days will be productive and peaceful. We desire to share our vision, strengthen our relationships, and enjoy this season as we follow the Lord into this next chapter in grand adventure.

In Hungary

  1. Pray for my two classes next semester. The Gospel of John and the Epistles of John. The Gospel of John will be a 3hr Class 1x a week and the Epistles a 2hr Class 1x a week. Pray the Lord will give me wisdom as I study and prepare the classes, assignments, and overall structure.
  2. Pray for the kids the Lord will bring to AVFL. Lisa, others, and myself have been handing out flyers and sharing the vision for this years A Vision for Life Program.

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